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After 40 years, Vijayta Pandit broke the affair with Kumar Gaurav, said – I made many mistakes

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Vijayta Pandit, who made a Bollywood debut in 1981 with Kumar Gaurav from the film ‘Love Story’, is going to make a comeback again. 40 years ago, Vijayta Pandit made millions of people crazy with his beauty. There was also a lot of discussion about Vijayta Pandit and Kumar Gaurav’s affair. Now for so many years, he has broken the silence on this too.

The affair of the affair started running from the very first film

Vijayta Pandit is the sister of famous music director Jatin-Lalit and actress Sulakshana Pandit. When Rajendra Kumar wanted to launch his son Kumar Gaurav in Bollywood, he was looking for a fresh face. Then he chose Vijayta Pandit. The pairing of Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit became a hit from the very first film. It is said that after this, both of them had an affair for some time.

Vijay spoke on the affair with Kumar Gaurav

In his recent interview to ETimes, Vijayta was asked about his alleged affair with Kumar Gaurav. In response to this, he said, ‘Look, now my son has also grown up. I do not want to discuss old things now. ‘ However, he definitely said that Kumar Gaurav’s behavior was very good for him from the beginning. It is also said that the relationship between her and Kumar Gaurav was broken due to family tension.

Only films with Kumar Gaurav used to be offered

A lot of people wanted to make films with the pairing of Vijayta and Kumar Gaurav, which got super hit from the very first film. Vijayta was offered many films with Kumar Gaurav but he turned down those offers. Now Vijayata believes that it was his fault but he rejected the offers of these films for his personal reasons.

The first marriage was broken

Vijayta Pandit married director Sameer Malkan in 1986. Sameer Malkan directed films such as Car Thief, Divya Shakti, Dhillon, Price, Main Khiladi Tu Anari. The marriage of Vijayta and Sameer was short lived.

Second marriage of music director Aadesh Srivastava

In 1990, Vijayta Pandit got married to music composer Adesh Srivastava. With the order, Vijayta also started working as a playback singer and one of his music album Propos – Pyaar Ka Ezhar was also released. In the year 2015, Adesh Srivastava died of cancer. Aadesh and Vijayta have a son Avitesh Srivastava who works as a music composer.

Vijayata was broken due to her husband’s death

Vijayta Pandit went into depression after the death of Adesh Srivastava. They did not even have money left. Vijayta said that a lot of money was spent in the treatment of her husband and no one came close to help her. Through royalty of the songs of Adesh Shrivastava, Vijayata somehow took over his house.



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