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Anupama Update: Malvika and Vanraj Shah’s closeness

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Pakhi is Anupama in the game of (Anupama). Paki is tempted that he wins USA for his further examination. Anupama doesn’t answer. He is among the dead. Pakhi is in bad condition. It’s as unusual as it is to see it as it is. Pakhi is in a deteriorating condition. Anupama is exceptional in that he puts himself out there for a master’s degree. Pakhi is infected. It is succeeding well. It is understood that he is not feeling himself. But Pakhi doesn’t listen and she leaves, telling him to be cheerful and to be with Vonraj.

Haryana, Leela and Shahenshah have Kavya video call. change frequently. Bapuji talks about Kavya and consider this and talk to Vanraj. Gets into action for fast-paced steep-troublesome antics. Office with Accord. In what order is he and Vanraj in the country? Anupama imagines for the office and Vanraj has a game. , Were. To run till the last date.

In the house, Pakhi Kola explains that she is this subtle of her own. On this Pakhi thinks as if this is the way to go. Malvikaraj employees are posted in the offices. The situation is unusual and extraordinary. After splendid praises, virtuous virtues are blessed with wealth. with his brothers.

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