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benefits of colocasia leaves | Cobra leaves are not less than any medicine, know the benefits of eating it. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: Generally, in the kitchens of Indian homes, a huge meal of colocasia is eaten. But do you know, along with arbi vegetable, its leaf vegetable is also made, which is much better in taste and spices than arbi vegetable. It is rich in Vitamin-C (Vitamin C). Hence it also acts as an antioxidant and has many health benefits. Let’s know about it-

According to scholars, the amount of amino acid and threonine is found in Arabic. It helps in making collagen and elastin. Both of these are extremely important for your healthy skin. Therefore, regular consumption of Arabi and its disciples includes the consumption of Jurians.

Doctors recommend intake of vitamin folate to pregnant women. Folate is an essential vitamin for the healthy development of the fetus. This vitamin is found in abundance in colocasia recipe. That’s why pregnant women must consume it regularly.

Colocasia leaves are full of medicinal properties. Vitamin-A, B, C and calcium, potassium and anti-oxidants are found in abundance in its effect, which are very miraculous for the body. It keeps the digestion process of the stomach correct.

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If pregnant women consume it, then it is their attainment of milk. Apart from this, its consumption is also very dangerous in the complaint of joint pain and in the tissues of the heart. Along with this, body weight of colocasia leaf is also measured.

According to information, the abundance of Vitamin A present in Arab tourists is extremely dangerous for the eyes as well as other parts of the body. It helps in maintaining eyesight as well as preventing various eye problems like myopia, blindness and cataract. In such a situation, its consumption can be very beneficial for health.

Methionine and stria present in Arab students help in reducing triglyceride cholesterol. Make powder by washing, drying and grinding colocasia leaves and drink whole in milk or water daily in the morning or evening. Cholesterol can be easily controlled by this.

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