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BJP Foundation Day | PM Modi said on the 44th Foundation Day – Political culture of parties like familyism, dynasty, casteism and regionalism Congress. Navbharat (New India)

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Pic: ANI

New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took note of the Congress and other opposition parties, saying that their culture has been of familyism, dynasty, casteism and regionalism, while the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) culture has taken every countryman along. Sharing the party’s reading on BJP’s 44th Foundation Day, Modi also gave on the responsibility of freeing India from corruption, nepotism and law and order related malpractices.

Describing India as the mother of democracy, Modi said that since the beginning, BJP’s faith is coming on the conscience of the people and that faith is getting stronger day by day. He said, “BJP was born from the womb of democracy, BJP has become nectar from democracy and BJP is working day and night with dedication for the country while strengthening the country’s democracy and its constitution.”

The Prime Minister, who is synonymous with BJP’s development, faith and new ideas, mentioned various welfare schemes including free ration and said that social justice is at the heart of his party’s ideology. The Prime Minister said that over the years, many parties have played politics in the name of social justice and the heads of these parties have been doing bad things about their families.

Modi said, “He didn’t care about the society at all, while the BJP attracts social justice, followed his spirit in letter and spirit. Free ration to 80 crore snails without any discrimination is a reflection of social justice. The facility of free treatment up to Rs 5,00,000 to 50 crore snails without discrimination is the voice of social justice. He said that the country has been crushed in true sense by the BJP, which has created a ray of hope for the society. Targeting the opposition parties, Modi said that the culture of such parties has been of familyism, dynasty, casteism and regionalism.

He said, “Whereas the political culture of BJP takes every countryman along. A small postman of communication like Congress, has to dream small and celebrate happiness by achieving even less. Happiness means patting each other on the back. BJP’s political culture is dreaming big and burning with life to achieve even more.”

The prime minister alleged that the culture of the opposition parties does not care about the interests of women, while the political culture of the BJP is making life easier for women. The party celebrated its foundation day on 14th April by Babasaheb Dr. B.R. It has been decided to observe a special week till Ambedkar’s birth anniversary. The party takes over various programs at several places on the occasion of the birth centenary-day of Mahatma Jyotiba Poorna on 11 April.

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