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Body posture deteriorates due to incorrect lifting and sitting, know how to check your body texture

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Today, there are many reasons for poor body posture, such as full-time work in a chair, wrong way of walking, bike or cycling. Apart from this, there are many reasons, but now how do you know whether your body posture is right or not.

Blood circulation affects

Seeing the fast time and the world around us, seeing it tomorrow may cause more problems in human body and may be doing so. If you look closely around you too, then you will see people with the right body posture. Do you know that because of wrong body posture, not only do you look weird but it also affects your blood circulation.

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Check your body posture yourself

According to media reports, excessive fatigue, lower back pain and other body troubles occur when the body posture is not correct. In such a situation, it is best to check your body posture periodically.

This can be due to poor posture

However, there may be other reasons for waist and neck pain, such as increasing age, using pillows or useless mattresses. Now if you feel that body posture is bad overnight, then tell me you are wrong. Actually, it is only when you have been making some mistakes for a long time. If you are also complaining of back pain or stiff neck, then understand that it is due to bad body posture.

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The wall will tell whether the body position is correct

How good is your body posture? You can see this through the wall. For this, you have to first stand back by looking at a wall. During this time, your heels will be 6 inches away from the wall. If your posture is correct, the neck and back will remain two inches away from the wall. In addition, your head, hips and shoulders will be attached to the wall. Now if your situation is like this then it is okay, otherwise you will have to change your routine.

Careful seating

Your whole day will also be spent working in the chair. In such a situation, we do not know what is the right position to sit on the chair. But if you often have back pain and you use a balm for this, then there is something wrong with the body pose. It is okay to slouch a little while sitting in a chair, but if you sit up straight and you feel pain. That is, you are creating problems for your muscles and body tissues.

Body posture deteriorates due to incorrect lifting and sitting, know how to check your body texture

You will often see people who walk out of their hips. It is more harmful to health than it is funny to look at. Health experts call this stage as hyper lordosis. In this state, a person walks as if he has back pain. If you have this problem and many people have interrupted you with this thing, then it is time to pay attention.

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First of all, you should check your condition yourself whether it is really a problem or not? For this, you stand in front of the mirror. Now take a side turn, look inside the mirror to see if your hips are really outward. If you want, you can take help of your family members for this. You can also resort to exercise and yoga to correct body posture.

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