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China has built a whole village on the Arunachal border, understand the complete action from satellite pictures


Latest satellite images have revealed that China has established another new village in the disputed area near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh. China is preparing these villages in such a way that they can be used as military bases if needed. However, the Indian Army maintains that the newly created village is in Chinese-controlled territory “north of the LAC”.

New village within 6 kms of India’s claimed territory!

It is clear from the satellite images that the village which did not exist in March 2019 has been transformed into a semi-circular enclave with 60 buildings in September 2021. This new village is built in the Shi Yomi district of China. According to NDTV, the new village that China has set up remains “within 6 kilometers” of the area claimed by India on the LAC. NDTV has the latest satellite photos, according to which the new Chinese village is located in the area ‘between the LAC and the International Boundary’ shown on the Indian map.

The village is situated in the area controlled by China in the north of the LAC: Indian Army

When contacted by our associate newspaper Times of India, the Army said that the village it is talking about is north of the LAC. An official said that ‘no such construction has taken place inside the LAC with our perception’. Actually, the 3,488 km LAC extending from eastern Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh divides the area under the control of India and China. However, the perception of both the countries regarding the LAC is different.

This second disputed village of China adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh

China had earlier set up a 100-household village on the banks of the Sari Chu river in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Subansiri district last year. It is 93 km west of Naye Wale village. Indeed, China’s salami-slicing strategy continues with its neighbors like India and Bhutan. Salami slicing is a step-by-step strategy… first claiming an area, then repeating your assertion over and over again and capturing new territories.

China has so far established 628 ‘Jiaokang’ i.e. model villages on the border.

China has been building a model defense village ‘Jiaokang’ on the LAC for a long time. In fact, the disputed area of ​​Upper Subansiri district has been occupied by China since the Longju incident of 1959. China has long been engaged in building a model border defense village ‘Xiaokang’ to strengthen border security in the Tibet Autonomous Region. So far China has made at least 628 such ‘Jiaokang’.

Some ‘Xiaokang’ of China in areas claimed by India!

Most of the model villages ‘Xiaokang’ that China has built on the border in the last few years are in its territory, but some have also been built in those areas which India has been claiming as its own. An army official told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India that after the Doklam face-off in 2017, China has also built some new villages within Bhutan’s border.

We do not believe in China’s absurd claims: Ministry of External Affairs

Regarding the creation of Chinese villages in Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, the Ministry of External Affairs said on November 11, ‘China has been building in the border areas for the last several years, including those areas which it has illegally occupied during the decades. Have done. India neither accepts such illegal occupation of its territory nor accepts the inconsistent claims of China.

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