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COVID-19 Could Fuel a Dementia-Related Epidemic: Study

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The team tested 400 COVID survivors from Argentina. All of them were over 60 years of age.

‘More than 60% of COVID survivors show cognitive impairment. Of these, about one in three have severe cognitive impairment.’

Among the four hundred subjects, more than 60% showed some sort of cognitive impairment. Of these 60 % participants, about one in three had severe cognitive impairment.

The cognitive impairment was also seen even in recovered COVID-19 patients who had only a mild cold or respiratory problem after the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

“It is not known whether the impairment, such as forgetfulness and language difficulty, will be progressive,” said Dr. de Erasquin.

SARS-CoV-2 enters the nervous system primarily through the olfactory bulb, which contains the brain cells that react to smell. “Persistent lack of smell is associated with brain changes. Once the virus has affected the olfactory bulb and caused effects there, other places in the brain that are connected to it also become abnormal, either in function or structure or both,” added Dr. de Erasquin.

The team raises concern over the findings of the study as the Argentine study population reflects a rate of cognitive impairment that is ten times higher than the lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s disease for older adults.

“That is worrisome. This could be the start of a dementia-related epidemic fueled by this latest coronavirus.” highlighted Dr. de Erasquin.

The participants have been assessed once so far, but the team planned to conduct a follow-up study after three to five years. The findings of the study were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference.

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