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crispy french fries recipe | Make Crispy French Fries with your own hands in the kitchen, learn its easy recipe. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: If you like crispy potatoes in the supermarket, you can make French Fries here. ‘French Freeze’ is such a junk food, which not everyone likes to eat. Be it a prickly child or an adult, everyone likes to eat burgers and fried chicken instead of light. French freezes are well-liked in many restaurants including KFC, McDonald’s. So let’s know the method of making French fridge.



Ri Franz Oil

chilli powder


color a joke

arrowroot spice


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To make French fries, first wash and peel the potatoes. After this, cut them lengthwise in a French freeze style design.

Now boil the cut french fries in salt water for just 2 minutes. Over-cooking will break the potatoes.

The french fries were taken out in a cotton cloth and the water was dried. Then put it in a post.

Put potatoes in arrowroot flour, semolina salt and a pinch of red color as per your choice, mix all the potatoes well.

Place the oil on the gas to heat it, when the oil becomes hot, fry the freeze.

For example to settle outdoor for 10 minutes. Again double freeze from one timeframe. Your markets like Crispy Freeze are ready.

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