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Cycle Girl Jyoti: Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting with Bihar’s cycle girl Jyoti today, Congress can make a big announcement

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  • Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting with Bihar’s cycle girl Jyoti today
  • Congress can make big announcement after meeting
  • Recently Jyoti’s father died of heart attack
  • Jyoti brought sick father on cycle from Gurugram in 2020 lockdown

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi will talk to the Jyoti of Darbhanga, popularly known as Cycle Girl across the country, on Thursday. It has been told that this meeting of Priyanka with Jyoti will be virtual. Congress leader Mashkoor Ahmed Usmani will go to his village Sirhulli, Kamtaul to meet Usmani Jyoti and her family to get Priyanka Gandhi to talk to Jyoti Paswan.

Priyanka Gandhi will do virtual meeting with cycle girl
After the death of her father, this thing of Priyanka Gandhi is being considered very important. Also, there is a possibility that Priyanka or her party can also make a big announcement for Jyoti’s future. Jyoti, 13, of Sirhulli village of Singhwada block of Darbhanga district, came into the limelight last year after traveling 8 days from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her father Mohan Paswan on a bicycle during the lockdown.

In the lockdown last year, Jyoti’s father Mohan Paswan, who traveled 1300 km on a bicycle and brought father Mohan Paswan from Gurgaon to Darbhanga, died of a heart attack three days ago.

‘Cycle Girl’ Jyoti’s father is no more, daughter was brought from Delhi to Bihar

Jyoti’s grandfather also died recently
Jyoti Paswan’s father Mohan Paswan’s uncle had died 10 days ago. Mohan Paswan was having a meeting with the people of the society for the feast of his Shraddha Karma. After the meeting was over, on June 3, Mohan Paswan fell as soon as he stood up and died. According to the villagers, Mohan suffered a heart attack and this became the reason for his death.

Jyoti had brought ailing father from Gurugram on a bicycle
During the Corona lockdown in the year 2020, Jyoti brought her ailing father home from Gurugram on a 1300 km cycle. His indomitable courage had made him famous in the country and abroad. Jyoti was also praised by the daughter of the then US President Donald Trump for this bold step. Ivanka Trump had said that only the daughter of India can do such an adventure.
PM talks to ‘Bicycle Girl’ Jyoti
Jyoti’s father Mohan Paswan was taking care of his family by driving an auto in Gurugram, but due to an accident in January 2020, he suffered a lot of injury to his leg. After hearing the news of the accident, Jyoti went to her father for care. Meanwhile, there was a lockdown in the entire country and the problem of food and drink arose in front of them. After which Jyoti had returned from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her father after buying a cycle for Rs 400.

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