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Don’t take tension, government lawyers will get you made …. and ‘lawyers’ have taken 10 lakhs

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  • Three lawyers cheated in the name of making an advocate a government lawyer
  • The name did not appear in the official list, then the victim started asking for money, then the phone stopped
  • Laxmi Nagar police station has registered a case and started investigation

Three lawyers raised Rs 10 lakh by looting an advocate to get an assistant public prosecutor. When the victim’s lawyer did not appear in the list of appointment issued by the government, he felt cheated with him. When the victim asked for his money, first the accused stopped picking up the phone. Earlier he had said that don’t take tension, consider appointment.

Continually falling behind, he was summoned to the Delhi High Court premises and given a post-dated check. At the stated deadline, the check bounced when it was inserted in the bank. Therefore, he gave written complaints in Karkardooma Bar Association and Laxmi Nagar police station. Laxmi Nagar police station registered a case and started investigating.

The victims live with 29-year-old lawyer family in Gyan Kunj in Laxmi Nagar. He is an Enrolled Advocate in Delhi Bar Council. He claims that he met three lawyers living in Green Park in August 2019 through a knowledgeable lawyer. The accused lawyers said that the Delhi Government had removed the notification of Assistant Public Prosecutor in 2017, but no appointments have been made so far. They were announced in September or October 2019.

The accused lawyers claimed that they had deep penetration in government departments. Therefore, they can get a public prosecutor appointed. For this, 20 lakh rupees were asked, out of which 10 lakh rupees were paid in advance and 10 lakh after completion of work. After this, all three continued to show him the vegetable. Eventually he got caught in their trap. With the help of parents and family friends, raised 10 lakh rupees. Two accused took the money from their house. Resumes and two passport size photographs were also taken.

For a long time, when there was no interview call, he spoke to the accused. He claimed that the call letter would come home in February 2020. But in February, the victim was surprised to see the lawyer list, as she was not named. The accused first postponed the case and later stopped picking up the phone. When the victims fell more behind, they called Delhi High Court in March and caught a post dated check of 10 lakh for June 2020. The accused said that if the appointment letter did not arrive till June, then put the check in the account. If the letter did not come, it was bounced when inserted in the check account.

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