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Dost Ke Khiladi 12: Generosity for the friend of the show, Nishank Koshra did.

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With the success of ‘Byadiyon Ke Khiladi 12’ in the race for entertainment sports and entertainment. It was also reinstalled after the show was established. Entitlement won. Everyone had to be trapped and then he wanted to stunt himself. The jokes of these disabled inactive icons were started and only after they failed were their names recorded.

guffa dum
The show was steady. There were clothes in the room to sit in the room. You can even go outside when you suffocate. all meetings. The first thing that started after it went viral, Yok and Kanika went out. infected again. Out of these dormant paradises. then out outside. After that deliberately went out and these stunts were stunted by Nishat.

Topa Croft on Type
Went to all locations. Episodes Episodes️ Episodes After it is damaged, it will be fine. The stall ahead had a wire running on it and extracting wavelengths. These stunts are not Nishant’s at all. The movie got out first. Mark however. Tushar Go ahead to walk the forefront. Tushar did the stunt first and then Rohit did the right at the number. Kanika is given down and she is out. third:

Kanika’s bids, entered with Mohit
After these failures, Kanika started bidding. Everyone laughed at this and Robica’s behavior was deserved. Then Robina entertained and had a great time with the crew member. Then Mohit started his work. They went to the crew, which they were meant to do. They were liked even after they were liked.

Knowledge of Kanika and Jannat

Log on all locations. managed to achieve success. Ringing should be followed by ringing and when applied to the bandage it is determined to be defined. Everyone worked hard and got in touch. In the field of stern, break, scorpion and observer specialist specialist. Everything has been achieved. Firstly Kanika and Jannat followed the following.

now sign of
Enter it for cooking in the last stat. Waste removed from the sand in Lust. After a while it got cold. Robina, Kanika, and Mohit. Marked so far.

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