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Exclusive: Priyanka Chopra’s sister Meera Chopra said – Prostitution should be legalized in India

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Priyanka Chopra’s sister and actress Meera Chopra’s web series ‘Kamathipura’ has been released on 8 March. In this web series based on the Red Light area of ​​Mumbai, she will be seen as a police officer, while Tanuj Virmani is playing Villain for the first time. At the same time, Meera Chopra, in conversation with Navbharat Times, has appealed to the government to legalize the prostitution from Women’s Day so that the status of sex workers can be improved.

Get 1500 to 1500 rupees for the day
Meera Chopra said, ‘When I was shooting at the real location in Kamathipura. We did not make any set. All the places we have raided are the houses of people doing body trade. When I used to talk to them, I came to know that 500-1000 rupees are received from one person in this business and in this money, commission also goes. In the end, they only get 200-300 rupees in their hands. In this way, she earns only 1500-2500 rupees in a day. I felt very strange to hear this. ‘

The government should at least give allowance
Meera Chopra went on to say, ‘I think that prostitution is going on illegally in our country. It is better that it should be legalized. I believe that the government should do something for the sex worker. At least they should be paid allowance. The government should do something about this community. We can only talk but whatever is to be done, people can do it sitting at the top only.

Priyanka Chopra’s sister Meera appeals to the government, legalize prostitution from Women’s Day

Sex workers committed suicide
Regarding legalizing the prostitution, the actress said, ‘I want the proposal to be legalized because our country has so much population, it is not such a big deal. If the government cannot legalize this business, then at least give some money to those people for the month. It was four months since the lockdown when we shot in Kamathipura during July. I came to know that his business was shut down during the lockdown because no one was going there. Everything that people earned was halted. The government was not giving anything to those people, then such a situation came that many sex workers committed suicide. They did not have food money that they had to die. So the government should have done something for them at such a time. ‘

Women come into this business in compulsion
Meera Chopra appealed to the government, saying, ‘Escort service has come to our country, then there has been a lot of problem for places like Kamathipuri. Most of the women visiting these places are victims of domestic violence. When the husbands of these women kill them by drinking alcohol, they are forced into a business like prostitution because they have to feed their children. No woman sells her body easily. When she has no way left, she does this business in compulsion. In such a situation, the government should do something for such women.

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