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Farm houses in Delhi are the favorite ‘deception’ of rave parties’

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New Delhi: Farmhouses located in the hidden corners of Delhi are a favorite destination for rave parties. Drugs and other illegal activities are carried out at these farmhouse rave parties. Hundreds of farmhouses located in Fatehpur Beri, Chhatarpur and Bhati Mines villages of Mehrauli, farmhouses on the Kapashera border, some places on the banks of Yamuna and resorts on Outer Delhi or GT Road are commonly used for these illegal rave, casino, private and high profile parties. are done. There are many such secrets of these parties, which are revealed after the raids, after which everyone is surprised. However, the ravies who installed the ‘circuit’ (group) said that now the Delhiites are going to riot in Mumbai, Goa, Himachal and islands by spending good money.

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A Delhi rave told that rave is no longer a business. Now it has become a circuit between only close friends. They deposit money in you and then there is debauchery. He said that in these parties there are models, celebrities, children of politicians and their friends. Most of the students in Delhi are the sons and daughters of the rich and the children of industrialists. Revie said that farmhouses and big bungalows are chosen because everything is easily managed within the boundary wall there. That’s why a location like home is chosen. Where there is a swimming pool and a big garden. Revie said that a true revia is a big ‘ghat’. He does not allow people outside the ‘circuit’ to have any clue about the party. Party invitations are sent through WhatsApp and Telegram. It is the rave party novices who spoil the work and sometimes turn red.

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Revi told that Rave will drink acid, ecstasy, dance to trance music all night long…what else? Without taking drugs, Revi cannot dance to trance music for several hours in a row. There is something that instills in them the passion to dance continuously. Those who have money take expensive drugs like acid and ecstasy. Those who see the budget, they manage with mushrooms, hashish or ganja. Now the trend has come to drink on the powder mix in the chillam of hookah. Everything happens here which the law does not allow. But in front of debauchery, these revi forget everything.

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