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Feeds the child by blowing, spoiling his health, revealed in the study

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Taking care of a baby is not a child’s play. Taking care of a newborn baby requires a lot of patience and determination. What you do with love for the baby, sometimes it can harm the baby itself.

One such act is to blow on the food while feeding the baby. When the food is hot, we often feed the baby by blowing so that the hot food does not burn his mouth. Doing so can damage your baby’s teeth. Yes, this habit can spoil the dental health of the child even before the teeth come in.

why should not do this

You will be surprised to know that the bacteria that put worms in the teeth can go from one person to another in the mouth. If you have a cavity in your teeth and you feed by blowing on baby food, there is a possibility of bacteria passing from your mouth to the baby’s mouth.

At birth, babies are not exposed to the cavity causing Streptococcus mutans (a type of bacteria). When you blow on food, it causes cavities caused by Streptococcus mutans to stick to the food.

Plaque starts to accumulate

When exposed to this bacteria, plaque starts to accumulate on the baby’s teeth before they come in, which leads to cavity in the baby’s teeth.

It takes five to six months for the bacteria to grow from the worm to the tooth. At the same time, at the age of teething, children’s teeth can come in the grip of this bacteria.

What does the study say

According to an Australian study, most babies get Streptococcus mutans from their mother. When parents blow on food and feed it to the baby, it spreads bacteria. This also happens by eating with the same spoon and kissing the baby on the lips.

what to do

  • Do not blow on the baby while feeding it and do not eat with a spoon. Don’t drink water in the same glass as your baby.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the teeth.
  • Clean the child’s mouth with a wet clean cloth so that bacteria do not grow.
  • Clean your baby’s tongue, teeth and cheeks daily.
  • Take care of your oral health and that of your baby.

advice for parents

Usually, every parent blows on the food while feeding the baby. They are afraid that the child’s mouth may burn due to hot food. In this affair, they try to cool the baby food by blowing it. Parents are not aware that because of their actions, the child is being harmed instead of beneficial.

Therefore, from now on while feeding the baby, do not make the mistake of blowing on the food. Doing so can harm your baby’s oral and dental health.

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