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Gut Health: If the intestines are not taken care of, then the stomach will always be bad, boost the gut health with these 7 Vitamins

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The intestine is also called the second brain because it does not require instruction from the brain to function like other organs. The intestine is an important part of our body, without which you will not be able to pass stool properly, nor will your food be digested properly nor will you be healthy. In such a situation, it is important that you take care of the bowels properly.

In today’s time, markets are filled with adulterated things. In this situation it is very important to know which minerals or vitamins are necessary for the intestine. Let us know what is right for the bowels and what is not.


You must have heard about zinc frequently during the Corona period. Through this, not only your immunity improves. Rather it is also an essential element for your digestive system and intestine. There are many food items in which zinc deficiency can be overcome through the consumption of them in plenty. For this, you can eat red meat, dry fruits, and oats etc.

Vitamin c

Vitamin C is considered beneficial in our body from cleansing the blood to teeth and gums. Apart from this, you can also take care of the intestine with vitamin C. For vitamin C, you can consume citrus fruits, such as orange, guava, seasonality. Apart from this, vitamin C can also be obtained from vegetables like chillies, broccoli.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is one of the most important minerals for the intestine. Through this, red cells are produced in the body. Apart from this, due to vitamin B, we are able to get energy from food. On the other hand, if you want your digestive system to function properly. You also need Vitamin B for this. Vitamin B not only helps in properly functioning the function of the intestines and digestive system. Rather it also protects your intestine and stomach from problems.

Vitamin d

Vitamin D is extremely important for the intestine. Colon cancer can also be avoided if vitamin D is in full quantity in the body. A recent research suggests that vitamin D is also beneficial for our muscles, nervous and immune systems. Also, calcium is absorbed inside the body only with the help of Vitamin D.


Selenium is a very important element for our intestine. If it is deficient inside the body, then stress and inflammation of the intestine cause problems. Apart from this, many serious diseases related to the intestine can also occur due to selenium deficiency.


Iron is not only responsible for the functioning of our intestine but also the whole body. Recent research suggests that iron promoted anti-inflammatory bacterial metabolites in the gut. Due to which good bacteria grew in the intestine.


Magnesium is a mineral that our entire body needs. If abundant magnesium-rich substances are consumed, inflammation of the intestine can be avoided. If magnesium deficiency occurs, the good bacteria present inside the intestine also endangers. Also, due to its deficiency, the sugar level in the blood also causes problems.

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