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Hori Nahori had a fight at her sister’s wedding, said – dragged her by hair, it was my brother-in-law’s conspiracy

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The Haryanvi dancer, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ along with Hotel Nahori, got injured recently. Hobby Nahori Beach was Tuesday to attend a sister’s wedding. But here there was a fight with brother-in-law Javed Hussain at Hotel Nahori. The situation got so bad that Hotel Nahori was demolished. Not only this, when the police reached Hotel Nahori after seeing the report, the police did not help them and took a selfie and sent them home. On not getting any help, Hotel Nahori is now pressing Ashok Gehlot and has also accused the police of not registering cases. In this whole matter, the planning of Hotel Nahori’s brother-in-law Javed Hussain has come to the fore.

Gori Nagori has given complete details of the incident in a video, which she has shared on her Facebook account. This incident with Hotel Nahori happened on 22nd May. His sister was married that day. Hotel Nahori has told in the video how brother-in-law Javed Hussain made the whole plan and later beat him up. According to Hori Nahori, he was portrayed with his hair pulled. When I went to the police, I did not get any help. The police did not even register their complaint.

‘Aunt’s boy dropped me and dragged me’

Hotel Nahori told ‘Punjab Kesari’, the scene of the entire incident, ‘My sister’s wedding was on May 22. We got married at my sister’s in-laws. There is a resort called Heli Max, got married there. My sister said that my child is small. I can’t come there and you guys came to meet me. My middle sister was getting married. After going there, the entire arrangement of the marriage was done and the marriage also took place. During that time they were making complete plans of hesitation. We didn’t even get time to recover. It was time for farewell. It was two-half past two. But the sound system was playing. I closed that enough is enough. Turns off the sound and bids farewell to the sister. Only then my aunt’s son came there and he dragged me away saying that I do not talk. Then he dropped me.

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‘Hair pulled, microphone poorly made, my brother-in-law did the planning’

‘ After that, so much was absorbed that there was a crowd. In that crowd someone is pulling my hair, someone is touching me at various places. I have also got so many injuries in my shoulders. Bad messaging was sent to me and my entire team. Crashed into my manager’s chairs. My bouncer’s head has exploded. Hotel Nahori told that he got married in Kishangarh on the behest of his brother-in-law. But they didn’t know that their was a complete conspiracy and everything was done under a plan. These things were not happening to them without the fact that this girl is doing all these things alone. Taking care of all the preparations for the wedding. My monk brother-in-law did the same thing, whose real name is Javed Hussain. Along with him were his brothers and friends. Those people have been accused of assault and death by Hotel Nahori.

Hotel Nahori has shared the video and explained it completely on Facebook as well. Hori Nahori told that when he went to the police, he said that it is a house matter, you all got drowned. The policemen kept him sitting in the police station for a long time and then sent him after taking a selfie. Hobby Nahori also said that he and his mother’s life is in danger and if anything happens to them, all those people whom he names in the video will be responsible for their death.

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You can watch the video here:

It should be easy that the real name of Hotel Nahori is Taslima Bano. With his dance, he has made a mark in the whole country. She is also known as ‘Shakira’ of Rajasthan. What happens with Hotel Nahori makes fans very angry.

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