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In Tadap’s query, Kajal has been rumored to be a ‘donkey’, performance video

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Actor Rumor (Ahan Shetty) and star Sutaria (Tara Sutaria) starrer ‘Tadap’ (Tadap) Isilo is highlighted and written by Milan Latharia (Milan Luthria). Similar to this box, Box of Vyas Khan, Disha Petni, Anupum Kher, Riteish Deshmukh, Hurser, Cover, Insect-eater Abuvivi, Sum. Fast-moving social media event, Kajol (Kajol) calls the octagon ‘next’. Watch the first video-

Briskly brisk walker (for Sunil’s success) come. The fast bowlers of Kankar’s Gundals are excellent. , But after ahad if it works. Looks like a photo is clicked. ‘Abe le le’ in the wings at the last minute. Let’s say click the photo now brother.

The point is to keep the perishable video in the battery in your mind. He is welcomed to greet Ahad. It’s a pity for the officers that it is

KL Rahul at the premiere of ‘Tadap’ holding the table of aggression, will soon become a fanatic?
‘Tadap’ said that those who walk at the wrong speed – Pana said,

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