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Isha Deol told how the relationship between Sunny brothers Deol and Bobby Deol

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In Bollywood, the pair of Hema Malini and Dharmendra has been so popular that it still remains in the discussion. Apart from these two, the relationship between Hema Malini’s two daughters and Dharmendra’s first marriage to both sons Sunny (Sunny Deol) and Bobby Deol (Bobby Deol) is also often in the news. Many people feel that Isha-Ahana’s relationship with Sunny-Bobby is not good, but something else has been told in Hema Malini Biography.

This is revealed in Hema Malini’s biography

Hema Malini’s biography (Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl) has a full chapter on her daughter Isha Deol, which tells a lot about her. In this chapter, Isha’s relationship with her half-brothers Sunny and Bobby Deol is told. In this, Isha has spoken such things about the relationship with her brothers, which people do not know before.

Sunny and Bobby did not go to Isha and Ahana’s wedding

It has always been said that Sunny and Bobby love their step sisters Isha and Ahana and have been very protective of them. But both Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol did not attend Isha and Ahana’s wedding. It is said that Sunny and Bobby did not want to talk more on this issue and keeping the care of their mother Prakash Kaur, they thought it right to keep away from the marriage of the two step sisters. However Abhay Deol attended Ahana’s wedding.

Isha said – Both brothers have a good relationship

Isha has told that both Sunny and Bobby Deol have an important part in their lives. He has said that his relationship with Sunny and Bobby Deol is very good since childhood. Isha and Ahana also tie Rakhi to Sunny and Bobby every year. However, he has not done it publicly because the whole family is against showing off in relationships. (Photo Credit: Social Media)

Isha said – no need to tell your relationship in front of the world

Isha Deol has told in Hema Malini’s biography that there is no need to tell the world how her step brothers are related. She said that she knows that people talk about their relationships in different ways because they have been seen less often. Isha said that the people of Deol family never want to show off about their relationships. (Photo Credit: Social Media)

‘Sunny Bhaiya is like a father, Bobby Bhaiya is a little reserved’

Isha has told in Hema Malini’s biography that Sunny Deol is of very good nature and she considers him like a father. Isha said, “Sunny Bhaiya is very innovative and a very good person at heart.” Regarding Bobby Deol, Isha said, “Bobby Bhaiya is also very good for nature but he is very much in reserve.” Ahana and Karan Deol are seen in Sunny Deol’s lap in the picture. (Photo Credit: Social Media)

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