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‘It is right in Manusmriti that a 17-year-old girl becomes a mother’, Javed Mann furious over Gujarat court’s comment

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In the event it was common for girls to marry young and give birth to their first child before the age of 17. A judge of the Gujarat High Court made these remarks on Wednesday. The matter was with a minor. The judge said this while hearing the petition for permission to terminate the pregnancy of the rape victim. The judge also requested the lawyer to read Manusmriti in this regard. The judge also took the opinion of doctors from Civil Hospital, Rajkot, that abortion with the victim’s seven-month-old child is justified keeping in view the health of the minor and the child. Now writer, poet Javed has also kept his point in this matter.

Javed Akhtar wrote on Twitter, ‘A judge of the Gujarat High Court has given knowledge to a rape victim below the age of 17 years that according to Manusmriti it is right that a girl becomes a mother at the age of 17 years. I am surprised that the National Commission for Women has nothing to say about it.

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Common people also present their stand on Javed’s Twitter. In this case, the court has sought to know the position of the victim and its opinion on whether her abortion is justified if the abortion is ordered by the court. The court has fixed the next hearing on June 15.

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what else did the judge say

The judge also said, ‘If this happens, who will take care of the child? Can any court allow the killing of a child if it is born alive.’ The judge asked the counsel that the court intended to consult the officer of the Social Welfare Department as well. He said, ‘You too start skiing for adoption.’ The judge told the lawyer that abortion cannot be allowed if the condition of the child and the mother is good. In this case the child has been found to be 1.27 kg.

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