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Koi Jaane Na was unable to fly on the first day at the Box Office, no one knew!

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Both the new films ‘Flight’ and ‘Koi Jaane Na’ released on Friday at the box office have disappointed. Both these films have been beaten up on Opening Day, amid rising cases of corona infection and lockdown in the states. While the Hollywood film ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ continued to flourish on the 10th day. It is interesting that while at the same time, Corona is being hit by Bollywood films, while the Hollywood film is doing great business. In such a case, more than ‘fear of infection’, it also becomes a good content.

Theaters were yearning for the audience in theaters
Mohit Chadha’s action thriller film Flight received rave reviews from critics, but despite this the film has failed to pull the audience to theaters on Opening Day. Whereas in ‘Koi Jaane Na’, Aamir Khan and Elli Avram’s ‘Allfanmoula’ Song also did not generate interest in the film. This film by Kunal Kapoor and Amaira Dastur was seen by the audience in theaters.

Both films together could earn only 50 lakh rupees!
However, ‘Flight’, directed by Sooraj Joshi, has been in the news continuously before its release. But the film did not do well on the first day in the current environment. The hope is that the film can get a slightly better response on the weekend. On Friday at the box office, both ‘Flight’ and ‘Koi Jaane Na’ have grossed around Rs 50 lakh.

‘Godzilla vs Kong’ roar, crosses 41 crores in 10 days
On the other hand, the Hollywood film ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is dominated by box office. On Friday, the 10th day of its release, the film has a business of 2.15 crores. The film had earned Rs 2.15 crore on Thursday before this. In this way, the film grossed Rs 41.57 crore in 10 days.

All the films released in the recent release of Pit Gaya bollywood
The earnings of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ are special in the sense that films like ‘Mumbai Saga’, ‘Roohi’, ‘Saina’, ‘Sandeep and Pinki absconding’ released during this period did not do well at the box office. While there was a star appeal these days. It was released on Wednesday in Hollywood Beach week. But still it is earning in crores from day one. Looking at the earnings, the film shows have also been increased in multiplexes. The good thing is that the audience is also reaching to see the film.

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