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LDA Plots in Lucknow: Fake signatures, manipulation of documents… and government babu sold 13 plots of LDA

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Babu (government officer) posted in the department’s registry cell has been found guilty in the investigation of fraudulent purchase and sale of vacant plots of LDA in Lucknow, the capital of UP. Investigation has revealed that Babu sold 13 vacant plots of LDA by preparing fake documents only between July and September. After the disclosure of the case, LDA VC Akshay Tripathi suspended the accused Babu Pawan Kumar late on Friday night and handed him over to the Gomtinagar police. The VC also interrogated Babu for a long time.

Based on the investigation report of LDA Secretary Pawan Gangwar, the VC has also decided to stop the purchase and sale of the respective plots. For this, a letter has been sent to the Deputy Registrar, asking not to register these plots without the approval of the LDA, so that now they cannot be sold to any third person. According to sources, the accused Babu had made the signatures of top officials in the registry of these plots. Some of the registries also had photographs of officials who did not even have the work of these schemes.

computer id of all babus closed
Meanwhile, it has been decided to discontinue the computer IDs of all the babus of LDA. Now no babu of property section will be able to update the details of plots on the website with his ID. During the last one year, there have been cases of large-scale discrepancies in the IDs of the planning assistants of the property section, from SB Bhatnagar, the former in-charge of the computer cell. Its cyber and forensic investigation is going on.

Despite this, in the last two months, three plots were bought and sold by fraudulently using IDs. In such a situation, now the details of properties will be uploaded on the website only under the surveillance of CCTV in the computer cell. For this, two such computers will be arranged in the computer section, on which only data feeding work will be done.

The babus of the property section were given a computer ID and password giving the authority to update the data on the website. Using this, Babu could directly upload the information on the website. In the investigation of forgery of plots, many such cases came to light in which the records of allottees on the website and information related to allotment were changed using these IDs and passwords.

In many of these cases, a written letter was sent to the top officials to stop the ID ID of the babus who came under suspicion. Despite all the efforts, frauds were continuously coming to the fore through computer IDs. In view of this, Secretary Secretary Pawan Gangwar has decided to close all the IDs.

Files will be sent from property section, entry will be done in computer cell
According to the order issued by the secretary, now the file from allotment to transfer or updating any record related to the allottee will be sent to the computer cell on behalf of the officers of the property section. The employees will update the details on the website after the approval of the officers of the Computer Cell. After data entry the files will be sent back to the assets section. Thereafter the property section will get the data of the files matched with the information uploaded on the computer.

Computer ID made a puzzle, forged
The forgery using the computer IDs of LDA officials and babus has become a puzzle. The matter came to light in November last year but till date it is not known who was behind it. The departmental inquiry also could not find out how this forgery was committed. It is feared that the game was going on for a long time under the patronage of the experts associated with LDA Computer Cell.

According to the officers of the cyber cell, which has investigated the case, the information about which computer has been forged using the computer ID is not being found on the server of the LDA website. The data is likely to be deleted from the server. However, no clue of the player is being found.

Registry of plots in his name

2/156A Humble Clause : Pir Mohammad
2/200 F, Humble Section : Awadhesh Kumar
2/202 A1, Humble Section : Umashankar
3/123, Humble Section : Ravindra Kumar Singh
1/153A, Humble Section : Ishrat Jahan
3/630, Vastu Section : Shakeel
3/96, Option Section : Anita
4/67 A, Option Section : Meena
2/51M, Viraj Division : Rajnath Mishra
2/150, Virajkhand : Rajesh Pathak
2/62, Vibhutikhand : Neeraj Singh
3/293, Virat Khand : Ram Autar
1/162, Vineet Khand : Rajnath Mishra

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