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Lemon and mint drink | This special drink of lemon and mint will give you a unique feeling of coolness in the summer season, know the recipe. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: It is very important for the body to stay in the heat. To stay healthy and fresh in summer, definitely include some special drinks in your diet. In such a situation, Shinji is the best. Because Shinji is such a charm that works to bring relief from the heat. For example, it removes conditions like stomach, nausea and acidity. In such a situation, today we have brought the recipe of Shinji for you. Drinking this will refresh your taste and mood. Let’s know its recipe.


Sugar syrup – 4 teaspoons

Lemon juice – 5

Mint leaves – 10-12

Ice cubes – 10-12

water-4 tumbler

Chaat masala – 1 tsp

black salt – as per taste

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First of all, lemon juice is poured in a bowl.

Add water along with sugar syrup, chaat masala, black salt, mint leaves, ice cubes.

Mix all these videos together with the help of a big spoon.

Then after this filter it with the help of sieve so that the seeds of lemon are removed.

Inspired by your cool-cool Shinji. Now serve it in a tumbler and drink it at home.

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