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Mehandipur Balaji Temple | Prasad of this temple of Hanumanji new power and know some rules. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: There are many major temples of Lord Hanuman in India. One of these major temples is the world famous temple of ‘Mehdipur Balaji’. Balaji Hanuman Temple is located in the complex. Stoppingpur is situated between two hills near Dosa district of Rajasthan. This temple is located about 65 km from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Bandikui-Bus route. It is said that this temple is about 1000 years old. It is believed that the figure of Hanuman ji himself emerged on the rock here. This figure was considered as the form of Hanuman ji.

Religious belief is that divine power resides in the Kinningpur Balaji temple. Worship is done in this temple on Tuesday and Saturday. There is a huge crowd of devotees in this temple. People visit Lord Hanuman ji from far and wide and make special requests to the Lord to fulfill their wishes. God also fulfills the wishes of his devotees. It is said that the prasad that is offered to Lord Hanuman in this temple is not taken home.

Lord Hanuman ji is considered a symbol of power in Sanatan Dharma. These are such deities. Actual temples are often found everywhere. According to the Hindu religious scriptures, in Kaliyuga only the eleventh Rudra incarnation of Lord Shankar, Shri Hanumanji, is worshipped. That’s why Hanumanji is called the living deity of Kali Yuga.

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Mehdipur Balaji Dham is considered to be one of the 10 major Siddhapeeths of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Hanuman ji resides here in an awakened state. The overall view is that people who commit suicide definitely come here. The temple closes at 10 pm, after which no one can stay here.

Know, what are the rules of the temple of Fundingpur Balaji

  • The Prasad offered here cannot be taken home, cannot be eaten and cannot be given to anyone.
  • Here you cannot bring any food item or heat to the temple and take it back home. The group also leaves the remaining material of worship.
  • It is said that if one eats the prasad or takes it home with him, the negative forces here have a bad effect on him.
  • When Aarti is performed here, everyone has darshan towards God only. It is said that at the time of Aarti, one should not turn back or look back at anyone’s voice.
  • After visiting Sentingpur Balaji, it is also necessary to visit Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita situated in front of their idol.
  • Devotees stop consuming onion, garlic, eggs, meat, alcohol a few days before coming to this temple.

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