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Modi’s master stroke: In one stroke the opposition was unarmed

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  • Modi government bowed before the pressure of farmers’ movement and fear of political loss
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of disputed agricultural laws, played a master stroke against the opposition
  • With the withdrawal of agricultural laws, a big issue of attack on the government has been snatched from the hands of the opposition.

New Delhi
Friday morning. There is a tweet from the PMO – Prime Minister Modi will address the country at 9 o’clock. After the tweet, all kinds of speculations start that we can speak on this issue, can speak on that issue, can speak on such issue, can speak on such issue…. But then hardly anyone would have guessed that Modi is going to play a very big master stroke that will disarm the opposition in one stroke. The strategies of the opposition, made and being made to surround the government for a year and a half, will destroy the Chakravyuh. Addressing the nation, the player of politics, Modi has played a similar master stroke by announcing the withdrawal of three controversial agricultural laws.

At the beginning of the address, as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi started counting the list of decisions taken by his government for the interests of agriculture and farmers, it was only then that he could make such an announcement. That happened too. PM Modi announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws but at the same time strongly defended them that they were in the interest of the farmers only. Perhaps his government could not explain its point to the farmers properly, perhaps there was some lack in austerity. Announcing the withdrawal of all three laws, he also appealed to the protesting farmers to end the agitation and return home.

We could not convince the farmers… what did PM Modi say with a heavy heart while returning the agriculture laws
For the last one year, many farmers’ organizations have been agitating on the borders of Delhi to demand the withdrawal of agricultural laws. The government was on target of the opposition for the last year and a half for these laws. In the assembly elections held in states like West Bengal, the agitating farmer organizations openly campaigned against the BJP. The biggest opposition to agricultural laws was happening in Punjab, Haryana and western UP. The anger among the farmers was that in many villages BJP leaders were not being allowed to enter. Even the Union Ministers were facing opposition. There were also incidents of beating of BJP leaders by some chaotic elements in the name of protesting against the agricultural laws. Even the Governor of Meghalaya, Satya Pal Malik was opening a front against the government. The Jat community of western UP, which was a big hand behind the BJP’s tremendous success in the 2014, 2017 and 2019 elections, was so angry against the BJP that it was ready to teach a lesson in the 2022 elections. Now BJP can be successful in damage control by withdrawing agricultural laws.

What is the government doing together
UP Elections
The timing of the announcement of the withdrawal of agricultural laws tells a lot. Assembly elections are to be held in 5 states including UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand at the beginning of next month. There was tremendous anger against the BJP in western UP, especially among the Jat community, which could cost the party dearly in the assembly elections. Of late, but the BJP has tried to bring back the agricultural laws, especially western UP, just before the elections. BJP knows that it is very important for Mission 2024 to bloom lotus in UP even in 2022.

Farm Laws Update: So the Modi government’s troubles will not end even by withdrawing the agriculture law, the farmer leader has given a hint!
Punjab Election
Similarly, the BJP and the Akali Dal broke up for two and a half decades over agricultural laws. Now after withdrawing the laws, BJP has a chance to prepare a solid ground for itself in Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh can prove to be helpful in this. Two months ago, when the Captain had revolted against the Congress after being stripped of the Chief Minister’s post, there was speculation that the Modi government might withdraw the agricultural laws and use the turmoil in the Punjab Congress as its base in the state. can increase. By the way, the withdrawal of agricultural laws has also opened the door for BJP and Akali to come together. Although its chances are less in the 2022 Punjab elections, but before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, these old friends can be seen together again.

There was tremendous resentment among the farmers of Haryana against the agricultural laws. JJP, an ally of the BJP in the state government, was also uneasy. BJP may have to pay a heavy price in 2024. But now BJP has done damage control exercise by playing the stake of withdrawing the laws.

PM Modi Speech: PM Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws
The big issue was snatched from the hands of the opposition.
With the announcement of the withdrawal of agricultural laws, the Modi government has snatched a big issue from the hands of the opposition parties. The issue of the disputed agriculture law was not only a big weapon for the opposition against the government, but it was also the thread that united the opposition parties, was the basis of opposition unity. This bet of the Modi government is a big setback for the opposition trying to capitalize on the farmers’ movement.

Rakesh Tikait’s insistence
The biggest demand of the agitating farmers was that the three agricultural laws should be withdrawn. After all, the Modi government had to bow before the insistence of the farmers. The government will complete the process of withdrawing these laws in the winter session of Parliament starting this month. This is certainly a big victory for the agitating farmers. However, Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, the biggest face of the farmers’ movement, has announced that they will return to their homes only after the process of withdrawing the law from Parliament is completed.

‘Modi government bowed down due to fear of defeat in elections’, opposition said on withdrawal of agriculture law – came late but got it right
If the farmers’ movement continues even now…
Ticket has announced to continue the agitation till the law is withdrawn from Parliament. In this context also, the farmers’ movement will continue only for the next 15-20 days. However, there is another issue under which the agrarian movement can be continued. This is the issue of legal guarantee of minimum support price. Agricultural organizations may try to drag the movement forward demanding legal guarantee to MSP. The government is also aware of this. That’s why PM Modi in his address also announced the formation of a committee to make MSP more effective, effective. The committee will not only have representatives of central and state governments, farmers, agricultural scientists and agricultural experts will also be there. In such a situation, even if now there is an attempt to drag the farmers’ movement forward regarding MSP or any other issue, then there will be no such thing as worry for the government. The reason for this is that if the peasant movement continues even now, then this movement will lose the sympathy of the people. The government will be able to give the message to the public that politics is being done on this. Behind this is not the interests of the farmers, but the personal political ambitions of some leaders or the political games of political parties behind the scenes.


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