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Pair of corona and high BP in pregnancy can create disease even before the baby is born.

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In pregnancy, women get stressed about many things and when the stress becomes too much, it causes problems like high BP.

Now the difficulties of pregnant women have increased during the corona epidemic. For people who already have a disease or health problem, the corona virus is proving to be doubly fatal.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 80% of Corona’s patients had mild symptoms and recovered completely. But Covidpatients with diabetes, high BP and other problems can cause severe symptoms and problems.

Let’s know what harm can be done to pregnant women with corona high BP.

May cause problems

If a pregnant woman has a high BP problem and develops corona, they may have problems such as premature delivery, eclampsia, premature ejaculation and placental growth retardation. In some severe cases, the fetus may lose eyesight or may also have brain hemorrhage.

If there are twins or triplets in the womb, then there is an increased risk of complications due to hypertension.

Corona positive hypertensive pregnant women should keep their blood pressure under control.

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Symptoms of high BP in pregnancy

Many times no symptoms of high BP are seen. It grows slowly. Blood pressure greater than 140/90 millimeters is high BP. Excess of protein in urine, severe headache, change in eyesight, blurred vision, pain in the upper abdomen (inside the rib on the right side), vomiting or nausea, decreased urination, decreased platelets in the blood, liver fine Inability to work properly, difficulty in breathing are symptoms of high BP.

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Who gets high BP in pregnancy?

It is very common to have high BP in the first pregnancy. The condition of high BP in pregnancy is commonly referred to as high risk pregnancy.

If you have high BP even in the first pregnancy, then some women may have this problem in the later pregnancy as well.

A woman in the family has high BP or hypertension, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, gestational hypertension, migraine, kidney disease, blood clotting tendency, twin children, IVF pregnancy, less than 20 or 35 A pregnant woman may have high BP even when she is pregnant and in case of polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Corona and High BP

So far, doctors and experts about corona say that difficulties can be increased when high BP patient pregnant women are corona positive. In such a situation, pregnant women should be very careful in the time of this epidemic and keep checking their BP from time to time. Take a healthy diet and be active.

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