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Panchak 2023 | ‘Panchak’ is starting from today in the month of June, do not do this work in these 5 days. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: In Hinduism, ‘Panchak’ is given respect in very inauspicious times. According to Hindu astrology, ‘Panchak’ is not considered to be an auspicious constellation and Panchak is considered to be a combination of demonic constellations. The special yoga formed by the combination of constellations is called Panchak. When Moon stays on Aquarius and Pisces, then that time is called Panchak.

Many functions are stopped during Panchak. Panchak is the period of 5 days in which a person needs to be most alert. Panchak definitely happens once in every month. Let’s know the Panchak date and rules in the month of June

June 2023 ‘Panchak-Kaal’ date and time

Date June 9, 2023, Friday morning 6:02 am to June 13, 2023, Tuesday afternoon 1:32 am.

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Traveling in the south direction, cremation of ghosts, breaking wood, straws, collecting pillars, grass, brass, tamb and wood, roofing the house, weaving cots, chairs, mats etc., making cushions is prohibited in Panchak. There is a possibility of loss-profit and disease-death etc. five times in Panchkas.

It is believed that if a relative dies in Panchak, then at the time of the last rites, five sandalwood sticks along with the dead body along with the rules and regulations ends Panchak-dosha.

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