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Rakesh Bapat surprised on Shamita Shetty’s birthday! The actress also gave Jhappi and Pappi

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Shamita Shetty Birthday (Shamita Shetty Birthday) is the same breed of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ as she said. Shamita Varsh, 2nd February 2022 In such a situation, the same is done in Shilpa’s (Shilpa Shetty’s) house. In this party the party was involved in the party. Rakesh Bapat (Rakesh Bapat) has carried forward the purity. Shamita also fell in love with Rakesh and Unnay Jhappi and Pappi Adia. Well, the news is that you are going to throw Shilpa Shetty a party for Tuniqui, in which everyone from Pratak Sahajpal to Neh Bhasin is in Hawaii.

Rakesh Bapat is important as well. included in the text. Let’s look at Lade Luv Shamita’s birthday with one eye only. Shamita has raised Shamita. There was no information on the Shmito newspaper. Interestingly, Rakesh Bapat has shared great pictures of himself on social media. Rakesh wrote in the caption with the picture, ‘Happy Shamita Nav Shmata Nav.’ There is also a red heart wily emoji along with it.

Shamita and Rakeysh Bapat are in ‘Bigg Boss Ocean’. Dubai night Shamita and out of the house and also from the media. It is interesting that for the first time Rakesh was in Shamita’s lap, had turned Shamita’s. The actress also expressed her love for the paparazzi’s fortuner and N. transactional.

Shum established the fast bowlers on social media. He has showered the love of Bachchan on his beloved Tunki. To Succeed To Succeed is the event that follows Rakesh Bapat sitting down from Nishant and getting up from Prateek Pal.

Shamita’s ‘Rakhi Breeder’ Rai Aditya has also wished her a happy birthday on social media. Rishabh has written, ‘Habby Habi Birthday Mia Darang Shams!! Happy and happy holiday! You are going to be successful in your life. A lot of Chammki Rati Ohhar Bhanki Udaan Bharti Cry! Love you, bless you always and always!’

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Shamita Shetty Birthday

Shamita Shetty Birthday: Rakeysh Bapat Surprises Lady Love By Adopting Him Actress Returns Gift A Romantic Kiss

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