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Rezang La Memorial: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh escorted 1962 war hero Brigadier RV Jatar, know who is

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In the 1962 war, Indian soldiers saved sixes from Chinese soldiers. In the freezing cold of Rezangala, the Indian soldiers pushed back the soldiers of the Dragon. The Kumaon Regiment had a major contribution in the Indo-China war. This regiment gave a fierce competition to the Chinese soldiers. Brigadier RV Jatar (Retd) of the same regiment had displayed indomitable valor in this war. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh when the Rezang La War Memorial was refurbished in Rezangala today. Before this, Rajnath Singh took Brigadier Jatar to the memorial by sitting on a wheelchair.

Brigadier RV Jatar of 13 Kumaon fought bravely in the Indo-China conflict of 1962. At the time of the war with China, Jatar was the commander of the company. He fought fiercely against the Chinese soldiers. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh while skirting Jatar said that he salutes Jatar’s courage.

Indian soldiers at an altitude of 18,000 feet
On 18 November 1962, 120 soldiers of the Kumaon Regiment (All Ahir) displayed valor at Rezangala Post at an altitude of 18,000 feet during the Indo-China War. The brave soldiers of India made their supreme sacrifice and did not allow the Chinese soldiers to capture the Renjagala post.

Temperature in minus, empty handed soldiers taught lesson to China
Charlie Company of 13 Kumaon Battalion led by Major Shaitan Singh reminded the cold Chinese soldiers who were freezing the body, the milk of the sixth. Major Shaitan Singh and 98 Indian soldiers were martyred in this war. However, before giving martyrdom, Indian soldiers had killed 400 Chinese soldiers. After the firing ended, the Indian soldiers clashed with the Chinese soldiers empty handed. They hit him with the butt of a rifle and inflicted heavy damage on him.

Rajnath Singh carrying 1962 war hero Brigadier RV Jatar (retired) in a wheelchair

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