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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: Clove is mainly used in India. The taste of this food is strong. Rather, it is also used as medicine. Very important and miraculous mantras have been told in love astrology which are used in many ways. The holy month of Sawan is going on, during this time you can remove the financial crisis coming in your life by adopting astrological remedies of cloves. astrology in suchAccording to, some astrological remedies of clove by which you can overcome the problems related to your astrology.

If you are going through a financial crisis, then to avoid this situation, put black pepper and cloves on your head and go somewhere far away. Keep in mind that it should be such a place where no one comes and goes. After that don’t look back at that place. This removes the shortage of medicines.

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According to astrology, if you do clove remedies in the month of Sawan, then your financial crisis can be better than before. For this anoint with water. For this chant Om Namah Shivay mantra. After this, light a ghee lamp by offering 2 langdas. Lord Shiva will be pleased with this remedy and will bless you with happiness and prosperity. This remedy can also remove your financial crisis.

If there is constant discord in your house. For this reason, negativity has increased in your house, so burn it for 7-8 days. If you are not able to burn, then keep 7-8 people in some corner of the house. Apart from this, whenever worshiping God, two people must attend the aarti. With this remedy, the atmosphere of the house will become pleasant and photo negativity in the house will take interest in positivity.