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Success | If you are coming in a job, then do these measures on Wednesday, the way to take power will open. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: Wednesday dedicated to the first worship of Lord Ganesha holds the greatest importance in Hinduism. Lord Ganapati is called Vighnaharta, it is said that with his blessings all the obstacles in life are removed. Ganesh ji is definitely worshiped for happiness, success and safety of children. In such a situation, some special remedies have been mentioned in astrology, which bring auspiciousness, happiness, wealth and wealth in the house. Let us know about those measures of Wednesday –

According to astrologers, worship of Ganesha sharpens the intellect. It is said that children get intellectual development by relating vermilion to Ganesh ji on Wednesdays. Acceptance starts to end. They are educated in the children’s studies. According to the scriptures, if Rahu-Ketu gets damaged in the horoscope, then Saturn’s tendency to lie increases and the mind gets involved in education, but every Wednesday, by applying vermilion to Ganesh ji, these sinful schemes do not get affected.

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It is said that donating green clothes to eunuchs and feeding green grass to cows on Wednesday is considered auspicious. There is economic development. Mercury is strong in Mercury leading to an increase in decision making ability and confidence.

Karjharta Ganesh Stotra should be recited on Wednesday to strengthen the financial condition along with getting the grace of Lord Ganesha. By doing this only happiness comes in the house. Along with this, one also gets rid of all kinds of debts.

In the scriptures, the name of sister and niece has been mentioned on Wednesday. Gifts to sister and niece on Wednesday lead to development in business, education and also get rid of the inauspicious effects of Mercury in the curve. Family relations never sour.

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