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Taliban News : Taliban is sending looted weapons to Pakistan, will the challenge increase in Kashmir?

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  • Taliban terrorists looted from the Afghan army and collected weapons
  • ISI is supplying that weapon to Pakistan so that violence can be spread in Kashmir.
  • According to Indian military officials, these weapons will first be used in Pakistan only.

New Delhi
The US had equipped the Afghan army with state-of-the-art weapons, which are now in the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban is supplying these weapons to Pakistan. So is this a big alarm bell for India? The country’s top military officials believe that it will paint Pakistan with blood before the looted American weapons arsenal reaches India. He says that terrorist organizations held by Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI) will first use these weapons to spread violence in Pakistan. Then somewhere they will turn towards India.

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Senior military officials said that efforts will be made to deliver these weapons to terrorist groups operating in India, but the security forces are fully prepared to deal with those who may be dreaming of using the weapons in India. He said, ‘There are many reports that American weapons, especially small arms, are being sent to Pakistan. But, as much as Pakistani terrorists are excited by the Taliban’s conquest of Kabul, there is every possibility of those weapons spreading violence in Pakistan itself.

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What is the challenge in Kashmir?

According to an estimate, the US military supplied 6.5 lakh small arms to the Afghan army, including the M-16 and M-4 assault rifles. The Taliban also looted a huge amount of communication equipment from the Afghan army. Along with this, bulletproof tools, dark-sight glasses and sniper rifles have also been in the hands of Taliban terrorists. Sources say that all these things can be in the hands of the Pakistani Army. According to him, the Indian Army has maintained such a solid system in the Kashmir Valley that no matter how many modern weapons and life-saving equipment the terrorists are equipped with, they will have to face them.

The arms of the Taliban terrorists were found, ammunition is equal to that of many countries

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Indian army is fully ready
If the Pakistani army starts sending Taliban terrorists to Kashmir? On this question, top officials say that most of the top officers of the Indian Army have fought terrorism there in the 1990s. Senior military sources said, “Afghans can be easily identified in the Kashmir Valley. The atrocities on women cause the local people to shake hands with the Taliban. So, in most of the cases, the local people themselves want to get rid of them and for this they give intelligence to the security forces.

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Experience of the 1990s will come in handy
In the initial phase of terrorism in Kashmir, the Pakistan Army used a large number of Afghan and other foreign terrorists. All of them were sitting empty after the expulsion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. They were far more fanatics than the Kashmiri terrorists. Most of them were killed. Foreign terrorists look down upon Kashmiri terrorists because they feel that Kashmiris are not courageous enough in case of terrorist attacks.


A cache of weapons fell in the hands of Taliban terrorists.

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