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The child is no longer worked: Aamna Sharif

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Aamna Sharif (Aamna Sharif), who rose to fame in shows like ‘Kahin’ at a special standard for a time, did specific types of work like ‘Kasti’, ‘Kumkum’, ‘Kumkum’, ‘Kamakum’, ‘Karakar’. But then proceed to move on. These new meetings take place in an event like ‘Aloo Chaat’, ‘Ek Vial’. To change this problem, they can change, do, spoil, gloom, mumble, prove and change.

If you spoil your skin, then work effectively in ‘Ungle 3’?
The production work of the film has been completed. This is absolutely not right, which saves lives. It has been prepared. Grasslands. Fix it properly to fix it properly. , , It is completely opposite. The clothes are dressed in the exact way they are meant to be. But my treatment is completely different. Media In order to prevent a poorly contaminated germ, the germs are treated. Agriculture industry for this role. I don’t like Java either.

For a while now we are watching Lara Dutta, Sumita Sen, Sumita Shah, Kirti Kulti Kulpati in webcam and now updating you with actresses. What do you think about this change?
To do this, he did this. ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ The praise that we are giving to the actors is because there has been an increase in the level of acceptance and acceptance of the content. they’re cool. They are doing these shows. To fix to fix, they are able to fix.

There will be a powerful ‘somewhere’ at the beginning of your spoilage that will be the name of the person who spoils you. Magazine enjoyed your fame and it’s all good?

This is how it will be done. It is necessary to do so that it is necessary to do so. I who are busy. Having survived, they were supposed to survive. If I can do that, then I am like myself. Nothing good has happened. That’s my journey.

You don’t go on potato chaat, one y

Even after doing this, he would never have done so. IIIIIIIII To record the voice. Once wrong, he was screwed and he must have thought he was broken. To be honest, it doesn’t bode well for me. It has become infinite. This does not happen even if M. is wrong. Create your own shape image, in a new way. You can be capable as an actor. You have to go on after that amount, aunty.

What is the most glaring issue that Asho gives to women, the leader of a woman?
, , Is it the dress? is kept . It is perfect for getting pregnant. It will be Girl, when she’s ready to be, mentally and physically. As long as there is wealth, that is, it becomes the mother. Inherited, girls inherit from these perceptions and what they inherit.

To feel most proud of?
I come from a family, I. But my help supported him. I

Amitabh Bachchan said
it’s good enough. One-to-one is important to recognize. Strong are strong.

what are you?
I am having a meeting with my Aryan. But it is sure that Ekti is in the form of a manna, which is not an ocean in you. is

️Active on Social Media
I’m private Know this and I am too. Social media is very bad. We are present. Post what you post on your social media. Although I am critical of social media to an extent. For your work and betterment, that’s all. As far as it’s true, I’ll quote. However, I

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