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The child may have to drink coffee, know what is the right age for this

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As a parent, you want to give the best of everything to your children. They want to include those things in their diet whose nutritional value is very high. But if you are the parent of a teenage child, then you must know how difficult it is to convince them about anything. Especially telling them no to coffee, junk food or tea becomes very difficult. Before stopping children from drinking coffee, you should know from what age children can consume it.

Effects of coffee on children’s health

Apart from coffee, children also take caffeine from many other things like soda, fizzy drinks, chocolate milk, ice tea, all of them have caffeine content. Yes it is definitely that the amount of caffeine in all these things is very less and coffee has a lot but it is there. Coffee has no effect on the growth of the child.

Coffee inhibits growth

We have to get out of the illusion that coffee inhibits the growing development of children, it is not so at all. Experts say that children aged 12 to 18 years should not consume more than 100 mg of caffeine in a day. This 100 mg of caffeine is found in one to two cups of coffee.

Why is coffee necessary?

Be it children or adults, the amount of coffee should be the same for both. Consuming more than 100 mg may not be right for you. Caffeine keeps your body and mind active. But too much of it can be dangerous, but if it is taken in a limited amount, it helps to give you energy.

disadvantages of coffee

If your child drinks a cup of coffee, it doesn’t do much harm. If children are above 12 years of age, they can have a cup of coffee. But they should take care of their nutrition. Drinking too much coffee can be dangerous.

right time to drink coffee

When you’re allowing your kids to drink a cup of coffee a day, you also need to check the exact time. Do not give this coffee to children to wake them up at night. Try to give them coffee in the afternoon so that they do not sleep and they can make good use of the time. Giving coffee during the night can disturb their sleep and make them have a bad habit of waking up at night.

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