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These 5 infectious diseases children get from school, get treatment at the right time

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The school is their second home for children as they spend half their day there. Along with studying in school, children also learn a lot about life. Here he meets many other children like himself, talks and makes friends.

The school has about 50 children in a class and on studying with so many children, children are also exposed to parasites, viruses and bacteria. Therefore, children are at risk of many infectious diseases in school. Here we are telling you about some similar diseases that children can get from school.

Cold and cold

One of the most common diseases in children is a cold. More than 20 types of viruses can cause colds in children. Symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, cough and sneezing are caused by cold and cold. When the child has a cold, ask him to wash his hands frequently and drink more and more fluids.

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Head lice

The most difficult problem in children to get rid of is head lice. Head lice grow very fast and they are also very difficult to eliminate. Because of this, there is also itching on the head and children start scratching their head while studying in school.

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Conjunctivitis, hand, foot and mouth diseases

This infection occurs in the eyes and due to this the eyes become red and they also have the problem of itching and watering. If the infection is increased, then discharge or pus also starts coming from the eyes. Children have a lot of pain in this, so let the children rest when they have contractivitis and take care of cleanliness.

Children may have pimples in the hands, feet, and mouth. Along with these pain, fever also occurs. Children can be relieved with the help of painkillers and anti-fever medicines. If the child has this type of infection, keep it at home.

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Chicken pox

It is a viral infection affecting children and its symptoms appear much later. Viral catches before long but itchy rash comes out later. The child may have rash all over the body with fever. The infection usually lasts for 10 to 21 days. In this, the child should not be taken out of the house.

The flu

Often people treat flu or influenza as a cold. Flu symptoms are more severe than colds and symptoms like excessive fatigue, abdominal pain, fever and body ache.

In such a situation, the child should take rest and increase the amount of fluids. If symptoms do not go well, talk to your doctor. This is a type of infection that children can get in school from a child who is studying with them.

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