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Vastu Astrology | Do ‘secret donation’ of ‘this’ fact to remain silent, know the glory of secret donation of jaggery and know what is ‘secret donation’. Navbharat (New India)

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: In Sanatan Dharma, ‘donation’ is considered very fruitful. On the other hand, the donation which is done without telling anyone is called ‘secret donation’. It is believed that by making a secret donation, many times the virtuous fruit is obtained. Like donation of water, donation of food etc. These donations are made for the cause of mankind only. In such a situation, if a person donates secretly, then the importance of donation also increases. Let us know which things are considered secret charity.

According to the scriptures, a person who feeds food to any road or route, gets manifold virtue. On the other hand, for secret donation, you can eat food in a temple, orphanage or old age home. It is believed that the Gods and Goddesses are pleased with this donation and bestow their blessings and there is no shortage of money in the life of that person with the grace of Mother Lakshmi.

The page does the most work to the person. In such a situation, if any person gets water, then he prays from his heart. That’s why donating water is considered to be the most virtuous act. While donating water, there should not be any show, but secret donation should be done. In the summer season, you can keep a pot or pitcher of water on the roadside for the passers-by, or you can also make a water table.

According to religious belief, donation of Sattu and Jaggery is very auspicious in the summer season. By donating these things, a person also gets relief from the wrath of heat. On the other hand, in the scriptures, the donation of jaggery is considered a factor of happiness and prosperity in life. The ancestors and gods and goddesses always get blessings from the donation of dolls and the person who donates gets their blessings.

According to the misconception of astrologers, it is also considered good to make a secret donation in Sawan. You can fix tree grain and photos without being obvious. Keep in mind that always donate tomatoes. Childless couple can make a secret donation of fruits to attain purity. Secret donation of curd is also considered very good. According to the scriptures, the position of Venus in the horoscope is strengthened by the secret donation of curd. This solves your very complex problems.

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