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Vastu Tips | Do not keep matchsticks at the temple or place of worship in the house, otherwise it may cause harm. Navbharat (New India)

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-Seema Kumari

Worship has special importance in Sanatan Samaj. And there is a temple in every house, where the use of matchsticks for incense and lamp is considered mandatory, but some such rules have been given in Vastu Shastra, according to which keeping matchsticks in the house of worship is considered prohibited. What is the reason behind this, let us know about it from Bhopal resident astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma-

According to Vastu Shastra, match boxes should never be kept in the house of worship. According to the rules of Vastu, keeping matchsticks in the house of worship is prohibited. Pooja Ghar is considered to be the most sacred place in our house and Vastu Shastra states that no inflammable material should be kept in the holy place of the house.

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Matchbox is always considered auspicious in a closed cupboard or a closed place. By doing this, any kind of negative energy is not attracted in the house.

According to astrologers, a person who keeps matchsticks in the worship house can attract negative energies there. This is because after lighting all the incense, lamps, we throw the burnt match stick at the same place. These moles attract negative energy towards themselves. Apart from this, the worship done by you also does not get the result.

Apart from this, even by mistake, stale flowers should not be kept in the house of worship. By doing this, the income of the household can increase.

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