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Water Vs Fat Weight: Confused between water weight and fat weight? This is the big difference between the two

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Weightloss is as easy as it looks from afar. To say that a low calorie diet and great workout is enough for weight loss, but in reality when you try to lose weight, you have to face many ups and downs. In the beginning, you may start losing weight, but after some time the weight loss stops or becomes constant.

This is because you initially lose water weight, not fat. But how do you know whether what you’re actually losing is water weight or fat weight. So let us tell you here what is the difference between water weight and fat weight and how it can be measured.

What is water weight and fat weight

Water weight and fat weight are two different things. The difference between these two can be easily recognized. If you are really looking to lose weight, you have to understand the difference between the two. When the body starts accumulating water, a person’s weight naturally increases, which is called water weight. Whereas fat weight refers to the weight of fat. Fat is the worst part of our body, which is also very important to reduce.

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Difference between water weight and fat weight

Although there is no definite way to measure it, but if the weight is fluctuating a lot and you are losing weight rapidly, then it is understood that the water weight is going down. On the other hand, if you are losing weight by following a healthy diet and exercise, then your body will start looking lean. Which means you have lost fat.

water weight and fat

You must have heard the term water weight many times. When you measure yourself with the help of a machine, it is your total weight. You will be surprised to know that most of the weight in your body comes from water. Which is the heaviest thing in your body other than your bones. When you initially lose weight, it is mostly water weight.

But when you consume a limited amount of calories and burn extra calories with the help of workouts, your body turns to glycogen for energy. Glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles until your body is ready to use it.

Let’s say that 1 gram of glycogen in your muscles contains 3 grams of water. When you use up glycogen through exercise, it means losing water, not fat loss.

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Fat Loss Vs Water Weight


The main symptom of water weight is fluctuating weight. If you are consistently following a healthy routine and you feel that you are losing more or less weight, then water weight is to blame. Explain that the amount of water weight in your body depends on many different things. Like from your hormones to how much water you drink.

mass reduction period

Well, there is another way to tell whether you are losing water weight or losing fat. If you lose 1 kg overnight, it is a clear sign that it is due to water weight. Most people can lose 1-1.5 kg in a week and about 1 percent of body fat in a month. The same method also works for gaining weight. If you see that your weight has increased by one and a half kilos, then surely you have more water in your body. Because it is not possible to gain so much weight in a day.

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If your fat weight is more than the previous month, then obviously you have gained weight and if your body fat percentage is the same or has decreased, then it indicates water weight.

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