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While putting the baby to sleep at night, wear such clothes, you will sleep peacefully

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What kind of clothes should you wear while putting your baby to sleep? This is also a question. You would think that this is a very simple question, but when it comes to the child, parents are very conscious about small things. If you are also troubled by thinking about how to dress a child at night, then let us know about some things related to it.

pay attention to temperature

You all must have heard that the child should be covered in two to three layers and put to sleep. Pajamas should also be worn if possible, so that the child feels like the feeling of being in the mother’s womb and he can get enough sleep. But is this absolutely true?

So in response to this it can be said that no, it is not necessary to always cover the child in 3 layers and sleep. Rather, where the child is sleeping, what is the temperature there, first understand this thing. It is necessary to cover the child with soft cotton clothes for summer and warm clothes for winter.

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swaddle baby or not

Newborn babies love to sleep in a swaddle. By doing this, they feel safe, as if they have reached back in the mother’s womb and they get good sleep. Cotton or muslin fabrics are best for swaddling, as both are lightweight and airy. Swaddle the baby well until the child has learned to turn over, after that if you swaddle then the child may have a problem.

How to dress baby at night in summer and winter

Dress the child in light and soft cotton or muslin clothes when it is hot. For example, pajamas can also be worn with half sleeve bodysuit or T-shirt. Similarly, in the winter season, dress the child in warm clothes and cover it well with a blanket. Wear the cap while your baby is sleeping, only when you are around, otherwise take off the cap and put it away.

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How to know if your baby is comfortable?

Children cannot tell when they are feeling by speaking. The best way to understand what a child is saying is to pay attention to their movements. If the child does not feel comfortable, then he will definitely try to tell you by crying or irritating that he has started feeling too cold or hot in the clothes you are wearing.

baby safe sleep tips

It is necessary to give safe sleep along with clothes while sleeping the baby at night. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies should be put to sleep on a flat surface on their back until they learn to turn or slouch.

Also enough swaddle should be done. But as soon as the baby learns to turn, then there is no need to worry about this and neither will the child need to swaddle, because doing so affects their movement. In order to give a safe and sound sleep to the baby, the mother should make him sleep with her.

Being a parent for the first time is really challenging. But slowly everything starts to make sense. So there is no need to worry too much about anything, whatever you do for the child, you will do it right.

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