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You can also enjoy the ride of ‘Caravan’ for such a low fare for road trip

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Caravan travel is very much in trend these days, although we used to see it mostly in foreign countries, but now this trend is slowly becoming popular in India too. A big advantage of traveling by caravan is that you will never feel like you are out of the house by sitting in it. The caravan has a home-like atmosphere where your entire family can travel comfortably while having fun. If you are also thinking of traveling in a different way, then in this article we are going to tell you such budget friendly caravans, with the help of which you can tour India. So let me tell you –

Vacation Wheels – Vacation Wheels

Launched in 2016, Vacation Wheels claims to take you across the country without being confined to a single state. You can roam around 30 selected places in northern, central and western India, as well as enhance the places of your choice. You can rent vacation wheels from Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Bhopal and Indore. They have the facility of two vans, small van can seat 4 people, whose fare is 2500 rupees per person for a night, then the same big van has 25000 rupees for a night, which has a seating capacity of 9 people. is. In this you get the facility of AC from washroom facility.

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Trippy Wheels, Bangalore – Trippy Wheels, Bangalore


Trippy Wheels is quite a pocket friendly caravan, which you can rent from Bangalore. In this caravan, you will get all the necessary items from the kitchen to the house. Trippy Wheels has a nightly fare of Rs 3000. Well let me tell you, you will not get bathroom facility in this caravan, you will have to take hotel to get fresh. If you opt for this caravan, you can visit places like Kundapura, Hampi, Hirekole Lake, Dubare Forest Camp, BR Hills, Tala Kaveri, Sakrebayalu, Bhadra Sanctuary, Dandeli and Yana. It is expected that in the coming time you will be able to take this caravan to Goa and Andhra Pradesh as well.

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Camper Trails – Camper Trails


5 people can travel in this caravan. In this, all the facilities of the kitchen have been given, where you can prepare food with full pleasure in time. It has a small fridge, TV and many more facilities. Also, the good news is that it also has a toilet. This service was started in 2018 by Chandrakant Ramoji in 2018. If you take this caravan for 5 people on weekdays, then the fare per day is 8000 rupees, while on weekends the fare for 5 people in it is 10000 rupees per day.

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Green Dot Expeditions – Green Dot Expeditions


If you love traveling and want to travel to offbeat locations, then this caravan is the perfect beast for you. You can take this caravan to a camping site, beach or desert or riverside. The range of Green Dot Expedition Caravan ranges from Rs 7000 to Rs 10000 per person per night. In this you will be given all the facilities related to food, as well as it has all the necessary items, which are necessary for camping.

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Campervan Camps, Bengaluru – Campervan Camps, Bengaluru


This caravan is offered to the traveler by Karnataka Tourism, which is the first such caravan in India, in which you are given the facility of all the essentials. You can take this caravan to beaches, historical places, sanctuaries and wherever you want. From campervan camps one can visit beautiful places like Bandipur National Park, Gokarna Beach, Kabini Forest, Hampi and Bhimeshwari etc. If we talk about the price, then they charge a fare of 25000 to 74000 for two people and this fare also depends on the place of your visit. In this van you are also provided with kitchen, fridge, microwave, TV and a music system. This van can move 8 people simultaneously.

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(Photo Credits: TOI)

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